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Simon Saves the World is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Simon's new invention threatens to destroy the world, creating a time loop and changing gravity inside the house. [2]


Alvin creeps into the basement looking for Simon and is startled when Simon swings open the washing machine door from the inside. Simon excitedly informs Alvin that he created a particle accelerator using the machine's spin cycle, though Alvin has no interest in the development and explains his own problem instead. Convinced he can fix Alvin's game console quickly, Simon follows Alvin up to their room where he learns Alvin banged the console trying to fix it. Meanwhile, Simon's particle accelerator fires up in the basement. The power flickers off, and Alvin, upset he lost all progress on his game, bangs the console more until it flies into their TV when Simon and Theodore attempt to stop him. They start to argue but immediately stop once they find themselves positioned in the room how they were before the scuffle. Simon concludes he mistakenly created a time loop of about 53 seconds; Alvin is bummed by the idea of reliving such a lame moment though Theodore is excited to eat a chocolate cake over and over. Theodore leaves their room and learns gravity is no longer down, smacking into the door at the end of the hallway. Simon piles on the bad news with the revelation that the gravity zones will open up a rip in the fabric of the universe and destroy half the world. In order to fix the problem, the boys navigate the house, determining the different gravity zones, on their way to the basement, resetting back to their origin point every 53 seconds. Once they perfect their route and enter the basement, they learn of Simon's final fear - the creation of antimatter versions of themselves. After developing a plan, Alvin and Simon distract the antimatter 'munks with ball guns while Theodore goes for the plug, all the while being careful not to be touched and destroyed. With the machine deactivated, The Chipmunks discover a shocked Dave upstairs with the mess in the family area.




  • A sneak peek was uploaded to Nicktoons UK.
  • Goof: The Antimatter Chipmunks would not have been able to exist because when real antimatter comes into contact with any regular matter, they are destroyed and release energy. The Antimatter Chipmunks would have ended up destroying themselves upon arrival just by coming into contact with the air, and would have caused a massive explosion.
  • Goof: The position of objects reset with each time loop though the balls Alvin shot at Simon didn't preceding their final loop.


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