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Simon and Jeanette are the smart and somewhat overbearing couple that wear glasses and always have a logical explanation for almost anything. Except as where Simon takes charge, Jeanette can sometimes be shy and timid and a doormat for Brittany's schemes. Simon and Jeanette share a non-confusing relationship but are very shy and don't open up about it. Jeanette and Simon in the series of cartoons, sometimes hold hands,hang out a lot, Simon is sometimes very defensive of her, and often when Jeanette gets clumsy and falls, Simon is the one to catch her and help her up. Showing the two care for each other in more than a friend way, but could be embarrassed about it.

Simon's hints

  • In the episode My Fair Chipette, when Jeanette wins the beauty contest, he pushes her on stage while having a big smile on his face.
  • In the Hardees Commercial when Jeanette fell, Simon quickly caught her.
  • In The Sisters, Brittany is so happy she was invited to lunch, that she throws her books at Jeanette causing her to fall. With a worried look, Simon helps Jeanette to her feet. Also, whenever Jeanette is bossed around in this episode, she overlooks it but Simon appears more irritated than anybody.
  • In The Chipmunk Adventure, whenever Simon feels "stressed out" with his brothers, he always goes to Jeanette for help.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman, Simon and Jeanette hold hands on the stage when they did the school play, and they hold hands and dance several times during the end of the movie.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, they meet at school and Simon falls in love with Jeanette and right after that, he purrs at her indicating that he likes her. While practicing for the contest with his brothers, he said that Jeanette's glasses were fetching as he stared, dreamly off into the distance, thinking about her. Later, when Alvin asked Simon to tell Jeanette how to open the cage over the phone, Simon nervously replies "Roger that!" Showing that he wants to talk to her.
  • In this episode Sweet Smell of Success, when Jeanette and Simon create more perfume and smell it. It seemed as if they would shake hands, but just held each other's hand.

Jeanette's hints

  • In I Love the Chipmunks Valentine, Jeanette makes a Valentine for Simon. Later, Jeanette dances with Simon and she blushed when Simon danced with her.
  • In Alvie's Angels, Simon called Brittany a genius and Jeanette suddenly looks upset, showing that she was jealous.
  • When Jeanette fell in the Hardees commercial, Simon caught her, and she stares at him admiringly when this happens.
  • In Mind over Matterhorn she is holding on to Simon while waiting on Alvin.
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  • In Sploosh, Jeanette kisses Simon.
  • When Jeanette first met Simon in Alvin and the chipmunks, The Squeakquel, she automatically fell in love with him and in the same part, if you look really close you can see that her pupils get bigger, indicating she was taken by surprise meeting him.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, she says to Brittany "Oh, that Simon is dreamy!" This indicates she has a crush on him. When Ian is talking to Brittany about Alvin, he says,"And don't get me started on Simon!" Jeanette gasped loudly and looked sad, proving her crush on him and that he was the only one she cared about meeting.
  • In The chipmunks go to Washington, Jeanette and Simon were watching baby eagles in a nest. When Simon looked away after he told her that they should tell the others, she didn't look away just yet. She stared at him for a quick second longer, indicating that she has a crush on him. Later you see Jeanette hug Simon.

Proof of All in the Simon and Jeanette relationship

Although shy in their relationship, in episode big dreams, shows that Simon and Jeanette get married in the future, showing they really love each other.


Although fans prefer the "Simon and Jeanette couple", in some episodes of The Chipmunks Go To The Movies, Jeanette has been the love interest of Alvin while Simon shows no affection for her.


  • They both like the color blue & Simon can sometimes be seen in purple in the cartoons.
  • They both wear glasses, and are extremely intelligent for their age.
  • They both are known for their specialties in science.
  • They both normally pair up with their overbearing siblings (Alvin and Brittany).
  • they both said "thats terrible!" in Alvin and the chipmunks 2, Jeanette to Ian Hawke and Simon to Dr. Rubin.
  • They both fall into a fountain in "The Chipmunk Adventure." (Simon in Mexico and Jeanette in Rome)
  • They are both the tallest and smartest of the six.



  • Simon can stand up to Alvin easily, and is not very passive.
  • He can see more easily than Jeanette can without his specs.
  • He's not very clumsy. (except Simon was voted "Most Likely To Fall Down" in The Brunch Club)


  • She doesn't stand up for herself easily and is used by Brittany to help carry out her hair brained schemes.
  • Jeanette is helpless without her specs, possibly suffering from Astigmatism.
  • She's more clumsy than Simon.


Many fans feel that Simon and Jeanette belong together, as backed up by the episode Big Dreams, where both characters are shown as a married couple.

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