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She's Got Style is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Brittany is humiliated by Jeanette's lack of style. That is, until Jeanette is proclaimed a fashion trendsetter by Brittany's style icon. Now Brittany wants to prove she's more stylish than her sister.[3]


While Jeanette and Eleanor head out to go to the recycling center, Brittany waits for their latest publicity shots. Once she receives them, she's upset about Jeanette using a clothespin to keep her hair up, but Jeanette doesn't mind. At school, Brittany informs her sister the image accidentally got out. Despite her believing people's reactions would be bad, Jeanette's clothespin actually starts a trend and inspires Brittany's fashion icon and goddess, Marina, to host a fashion show all about hats at their school. Marina lies to each of the girls about comments made by the other to stir up a rivalry to promote innovation of design. The girls design and collect materials for their hats, but their rivalry is getting in the way of the family dynamics, even a family dinner to patch things up. Jeanette is the first to finish her eco-friendly hat only for everyone to think it's a train wreck though no one has the courage to tell her. Eleanor attempts to have Brittany help their sister only to get the cold shoulder. At the show, to prevent Jeanette from going on stage, they try to persuade her she looks sick and get rid of Jeanette's hat, only for the curtain to open on her. Brittany joins her sister claiming she had Jeanette's real hat and the two bow together. Back home, Brittany creates another hat, only for a bird to land on it causing her to flail around.




  • Goof: The picture of Jeanette on Brittany's computer changes, her arms are lower than in the first shot, and she's looking more towards the right.
  • Goof: When Eleanor says "Wouldn't bottle caps make great earrings?", she says it in Jeanette's voice.
  • This is the first appearance of Marina Rodenchia.
  • This episode verbally suggests that The Chipmunks, The Chipettes, and the students at the school are all teenagers when Marina says "Teen fashion is very now, so why not have teen fashion show?"
  • A sneak-peek clip was released on
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Good Luck Mr. Whiskers.
  • Part of the Who Ghosts There DVD.


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