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Shack Magic is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks find a shack that magically fills with toys and games and wonder if it's magic or something more sinister.[2]


Theodore walks a heavy box across the backyard of the Seville House before stumbling in the rear door. Alvin notices the box he's carrying and follows him upstairs. Theodore closes the door to their room to hid it from Alvin though considering it's Alvin's room too Theodore agrees to tell his older brother if he keeps it a secret. The item unveiled is a new, limited addition Gamestation console. Alvin asks where he got it, only to learn it came from a magic shack - a shack in which stuff magically appears when someone wishes for something. On the way to show Alvin the shack, Theodore explains that he found it after having a dream about a secret hideout and claims that the wishes aren't always perfect, as evident from him wishing for a chocolate cake and getting chips instead. Once inside the shack, Alvin believes it's "super magic" and convinces Theodore not to tell anyone about the building. The pair begins emptying the shack, storing the boxes of technology in their attic. Simon finally catches them and demands to know what is going on. Kevin and Cheesy show up and the group goes to the shack once more. Simon's suspicious about everything inside, believing it might be stolen, so he plans to look into recent robberies. Before they leave, Theodore has everyone leave a note for the magic shack. They are barely missed by two men carrying more stuff into the shack; confused about where their stuff is, they become concerned about the notes left behind. Meanwhile, the group is confronted by Officer Dangus who believes there's a connection between their boxes and a string of robberies around town. The Chipmunks show the officer the shack, believing they've emptied it, to find more stuff inside. They rush to the police precinct, and when Dangus informs the Chief, the Chief reveals that the thieves turned themselves in for protection against a rival gang that left notes for them. The Chief congratulates Officer Dangus after Alvin covers for him about the so-called magic shack.




  • The title is a pun on "Black Magic," a traditionally referred to use of magic for evil and selfish purposes.
  • The Gamestation is most likely a reference to the Playstation.


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