Santa Harry is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks start building and setting up Santa's Place for Santa Claus ("Uncle" Harry in disguise) so there can be a Christmas. While they're working, Harry makes several calls to bring some news reporters to the grand opening of his place to become a rich chipmunk. Harry then plans to sell robotic Chipmunks to replace the "real" Chipmunks. When Alvin, Simon, and Theodore overhear that Santa is really Harry and he's about to ruin their career with his robot replicas, they decide to help him out, by acting like robots, and perform badly on purpose. After Harry is chased off, the boys take the robots home to do their chores.




  • The title is a spoof of "Santa Baby."
  • This is the second appearance of "Uncle" Harry.
  • The book The Chipmunks in Santa Harry is based on this episode.
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