Sam Valiant is a recurring character in the 1961-1962 television series The Alvin Show.


Sam Valiant is a short man with a notably long nose who has had multiple disguises though they are all similar. He typically wears a large collared coat, black pants and shoes, sunglasses, and a wide brimmed hat. Underneath his sunglasses, his eyes are very small and beady.


Sam Valiant is a shady private investigator (Sam Valiant, Private Nose), real estate agent (Sam Valiant: Real Estate), and hotel room clerk (Dude Ranch). He is a fast talker who relies his decisions on what his long nose smells and, in combination with his carelessness, causes destruction. He's quick to place blame on or con the person he is closest to. In his last appearance, he attempts to replace The Chipmunks but ends up stranded in the desert.


  • Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. voiced Sam Valiant, with his voice halfway sped-up to achieve the fast-talking effect, compared to his voice being fully sped up for the Chipmunks.


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