Ryan Edwards is a student and football player at West Eastman High School and the secondary antagonist in the second CGI/live-action film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

Ryan convinces Alvin to join the football team, which makes Alvin miss the school concert due to a football game. At the end of the film, in an epilogue, he is punished by having to scrape chewed gum off the bottom of the bleachers with Xander and Jeremy, with Dr. Rubin watching over them.


Ryan likes to pick on The Chipmunks. He makes fun of Theodore's weight, gives Simon a swirlie, and calls Alvin "Furball." He picks on them, because he is threatened by them and the girls fall for the chipmunks.


  • In the film, Ryan's full name is revealed by a game spectator when he said, "Quarterback Ryan Edwards really needs to make a move here or this game is over."
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