Royalty Received is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


While The Chipmunks are in London, they perform at an orphanage. Alvin tells a girl named Crystal that he knows the Queen and will take her to visit. In order to get keep his promise and get into Buckingham Palace, they dress as diplomats. The guard discovers the deception and chases them, in the process losing Crystal. The boys set out checking all 600 rooms to find her. Meanwhile, Dave finds out the boys are in Buckingham Palace and rushes over to stop them from doing anything that could result in embarrasing the entire United States. After they get a new disguise, they are forced to entertain the Queen's guests. However, this disguise also fails and they are seized by soldiers. They then see Crystal with the Queen, who orders her soldiers to release the Chipmunks. With a wink, the Queen reveals she is a fan and has the Chipmunks perform for her party as themselves.




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