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Royal Pain is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Brittany becomes convinced she's a long lost princess she carries her new royal status a little too far.[2]


In The Chipettes' Treehouse Brittany asks Eleanor to get her hairbrush, which is right next to her already. Eleanor reluctantly gets it for her and, despite her sarcastic remark, finds herself making tea for Brittany too. Jeanette is then asked to read a magazine to her given Brittany can't see because of the cucumbers she put on her eyes. Jeanette stumbles upon an article about a missing princess with traits matching Brittany and Brittany instantly believes she is the missing princess. That night Alvin is awaken by light coming from outside and he learns there's a candlelight vigil happening at the girls' treehouse. His brothers show him a video about Brittany being a lost descendant, but he is not buying it. The red-clad chipmunk confronts Brittany and makes a bet with her; if Brittany proves that she really is a lost descendant, then Alvin will be her servant for a year, but if the claim is false, then she has to be his. Eleanor later asks her how's she so sure and once she looks at the article again discovers she's wrong but decides to continue the claim of being a princess. She sneaks into the store for supplies and she makes a tiara, dress, and confirmation letter. Alvin demands to see her proof; she claims to have it in the treehouse and tells Alvin not to look for it, knowing he will. After Brittany exclaims that she and her sisters are leaving, Alvin sneaks in to find the letter about her coronation and wants to be her plus one. In class a girl in the black and orchid outfit trips on Brittany's bag and discovers the magazine article before putting up flyers all over the school of Brittany's head cropped onto a pony, which is the real princess mentioned in the article. Brittany cries in her locker while Alvin defends her because he saw the "proof" himself and the girl who spread the flyers is humiliated for what she did. Brittany reveals the truth to Alvin as they walk away together linking arms but Alvin already knows, winning their bet.




  • This episode reveals that Brittany has had a heart shaped scar on her right foot ever since she was an infant.


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