Robomunk is an episode of The Chipmunks Go to the Movies series.


Officer Malone suffers from a terrible accident and thanks to Dr. Simonize, he is now half chipmunk and half robot destined to foil the evil Mr. Pinkie who has dastardly ambitions of polluting the whole city and rebuilding it in his image.

Tired of Robomunk ruining his plans, Mr. Pinkie finally sends his most horrible contraption called the Dirtbag to defeat him once and for all, but with the help of his partner Officer Bronson, Robomunk stops it and follows Mr. Pinkie to his yacht where he is trying to make his getaway.

By now, terrified of Robomunk's strength and perseverance, Mr. Pinkie quickly surrenders and is arrested and imprisoned. Thus the city is finally saved.



Behind the Scenes


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