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Ride Along is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin joins forces with Officer Dangus to solve the case when his bicycle is stolen.[1]


The school bell rings and students, including Theodore, race around Simon preparing for a big bike race. Alvin informs his brothers, who head home, he'll be practicing and pedals around town before proclaiming his excitement on the hill out of town. Hearing a door slam, Alvin spins around in time to watch a black SUV speed away with his bike. Muttering to himself in disbelief, Alvin trudges down the street until he startles Officer Dangus and attempts to convince him to investigate. During the exchange, Alvin notices the bike thief and they pursue; unfortunately Dangus is unable to climb over a fence and arrest him. Following Dangus learning his bike has been stolen and Alvin finding a clue, Alvin suspects Derek is to blame. When confronted, Derek informs them his bike was taken too so Alvin decides they should get Simon to analyze the ripped clothing. After an emotional moment for the officer, Alvin discovers Simon has tracking devices on their bikes and the group finds the criminal smashing them. Dangus successfully tackles him over a fence and Alvin identifies the thief as Bocarter. The next day Alvin believes Bocarter is getting away with his dirty deeds, but Alvin is given the chance to race him with a bike paid for by Bocarter's father. Though Bocarter races dirty, Alvin still manages to beat him.




  • Goof: Theodore said his shoelace was stuck in his bike's gears, but the shoes he wears don't have exposed laces.
  • Goof: When tracking Alvin's bike, the location of the bike (red dot) got closer to their starting point instead of them (the blue dot) getting closer to bike.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Munk Man.


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