Rich and Infamous is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


When Alvin meets the girl of his dream, he tries to impress her but he has to compete with the richest kid in school. In order to do so, Alvin pretends he is as rich as Nicholas. Both boys invite Tiffany to go to the charity auction with them. Alvin figures he can impress Tiffany without actually having to spend any money as whenever he bids on something, Nicholas outbids him. However, when Alvin bids $40,000 on a yacht, Nicholas is called away and Alvin ends up winning! Alvin is stuck as to what to do, shocking Dave when asking for a $40,000 advance of his allowance. Simon proposes a messenger pigeon service and Theodore suggests selling lemonade, but both ideas flop (especially since Alvin suggests charging $10,000 a glass of lemonade). Alvin then suggests a benefit concert and makes up a fake charity. However, when Dave gets a call from the auctioneer, he is shocked and demands Theodore spill the beans. The concert, however, is a hit, and the Chipmunks make $40,000 from ticket sales. Dave congratulates the Chipmunks and appears with a woman from the charity Alvin named. Alvin is shocked that a charity he made up exists for real, and Dave says that is a good thing, otherwise Alvin would have been sent to jail for fraud. As to the yacht, Dave says it was sold to someone else who offered a higher bid. However, Dave tells Alvin he is not fully off the hook, he needs to tell the truth to Tiffany. Defeated, Alvin admits to Tiffany he cannot give gifts to her like Nicholas has, and says goodbye. Tiffany says she is interested in neither Alvin not Nicholas, she is moving to France!




  • The title is a spoof of the saying "Rich and Famous."
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