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Report Cards is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin worries about his bad report card and does everything he can to intercept the mail before Dave sees it.[3]


Miss Smith awakens Alvin from a nap shortly before the bell rings, at which she informs the class some will be surprised by their report cards. Alvin laments over what Dave will do to him once he sees the red-clad chipmunk's grades until Theodore sows the idea of getting to the document first. Rushing home, Alvin confronts the mailman, who brushes him off. Simon refuses to be part of Alvin's scheme so Theodore is forced into being a distraction for Dave as the older brother flips through the mail. Not finding his grades in the stack, Alvin crafted a mailbox for Theo to hide in the following day until the mailman returns to deliver more mail. Meanwhile, Alvin plays video games before running outside to check the mail after Theo frightens the mailman. Hearing a scream, The Chipettes and Dave investigate. Alvin smooth-talks Dave into believing they are creating a song utilizing an echoing effect from the metal box. They perform the song, providing an idea to Dave for the song he's writing and leaving Theodore in pain from being knocked around inside the mailbox. The next day Theodore reluctantly agrees to help Alvin once again after Alvin sprays him with face paint and explains he must do this so they can continue to hang out. Alvin spots the mailman making a run for the front door and pursues; he informs Dave of the multiple attacks on him and Alvin confesses the truth once Theo falls out of the mailbox. Dave calmly expresses his pride as he's already seen Alvin's improved grades online so he bought a mailbox in order to practice inside.




  • "Witch Doctor" is sung very briefly by Alvin at the end of the episode.
  • "You're not yourself when you're hungry" is a nod to commercials made for the Snickers candy bars.


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