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Queen Bee is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Brittany's fear of bees turns into admiration when she's shrunk down to their size and experiences life as a bee. [citation needed]


Jeanette reads a book on a branch of the tree containing The Chipettes' Treehouse when bees greet her. Looking closer, she loses her balance falling to discover a bee hive. Excitedly she shares the news with her sisters though Brittany quickly closes the door and windows. She exaggerates an instance when a bee stung her so she wants them exterminated. Jeanette disagrees, citing their importance; as she continues explaining to Eleanor, Brittany calls an exterminator. Unhappy with the wait to have them removed, she goes to visit Simon but bumps into his shrink ray when a bee flies into the room. Tiny now, she calls out to Alvin, who's hiding Theo's cookies, and then to her sisters, still talking about bees, when she falls out the window before being saved by a bee. The bee takes Brittany into the hive where it gives her honey to eat and to stop the bleeding of a cut on her leg. As she sleeps she dreams of the queen bee showing her the importance of bees. Informed of danger to come, the queen appoints Brittany the hive's Chief Protector and she awakes to discover the exterminator smoking the hive. After she evacuates the hive, she flies back to Simon's shrink ray where she annoys Alvin enough to make him hit the device, shooting a ray into the sky. Brittany intercepts, falling onto the exterminator who is instructed to move the hive instead. Brittany attempts to explain her change of heart to her sisters and The Chipmunks, and when no one believes her, a giant bee hovers overhead.




  • Simon's shrink ray uses the same animation model as the mind switching invention he had in Wacky Wednesday.
  • Brittany riding the bee is likely a reference to the movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids.
  • The wound on Brittany's knee being healed using honey is a reference to the real-world fact that it has antiseptic properties.
  • This episode and A Rose by Any Other Name were the first episodes with under one million viewers in the US.


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