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Prank Calls is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Theodore receives a phone call claiming he won a vacation, he expresses his excitement to his family downstairs only to find out it was a prank. Alvin then learns Lady Rara wants to go on a date with him before he realizes it's a prank too. Simon's phone then rings, but Dave wants to hear no more. During dinner, Kevin and Cheesy (the prank callers) call their house phone repeatedly until Theodore pleads for them to be excused. Once upstairs, Simon uses some software to identify the caller's number prior to Alvin using the voice changer to prank call the prankster. Finished with his rant, Alvin is shocked when the man on the line identifies himself as a secret agent that promises to make him pay for Alvin dialed the wrong number. The man calls back, despite Simon blocking their number, and when they don't answer, the house phone rings. They rush to answer. Terrified the man knows where they live, Alvin packs. The doorbell rings and the boys exit through the window shortly before Sergeant Doakes jumps out to pursue. After a foot, skateboard, and truck chase, the brothers believe the man is shooting at them (really just Miss Choner throwing party poppers because she thinks they're gophers). Back at the Seville House, Officer Dangus arrives and The Chipmunks sneak in the back door to discover the Sergeant sitting inside waiting to make them pay - $9.76 to be exact. Theodore pays the man as Dangus, his dog, and Dave enter from tracking their scent. Alvin explains why they called and Doakes agrees to find the other pranksters too. Kevin and Cheesy scream following an equally frightening phone call from right outside their window.




  • Lady Rara is a homage of Lady Gaga.
  • The phone call between Alvin and Sergeant Doakes has some similarities to the phone call in the film Taken.
  • This is the fifth episode in which Lady Gaga has been mentioned, either directly or indirectly (the other episodes being Saving Simon, Wax Dave, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and iHear).
  • Goof: Dave pulls something out of the oven for dinner, but all they have on their plates is a salad.


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