Pizza Dash is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The town is under attack when Simon creates a drone that can not only deliver pizzas but has the ability to learn. [citation needed]


The Chipmunks impatiently wait for their pizza order, which unfortunately arrives two hours late. The Pizza King apologizes explaining that his employee quit and he must do everything himself. Feeling the need to improve the situation, Simon works through the night building a new invention: the Pizza Dash 100. The flying robot takes orders, builds, cooks, and delivers pizzas, simplifying the work involved. Alvin attempts to demonstrate the ordering process but fails to enunciate clearly so Simon finishes the demonstration. Back at the Seville House, Simon calls in the first order though after a couple hours they are still without pizza. They go outside to look for the drone only to find a pizza landing on each of their heads. Pizzas begin falling across the town, so the brothers rush to the Pizza King's shop to learn he's on vacation, and following a call, actually retired. Officer Dangus arrives demanding that Simon get rid of the drones and the boys jump into the Munk-mobile to fight them off. They land believing all the machines have been destroyed, but, given the adaptable intelligence of the machines, instead find them joined together as one huge pizza bot. Faced with a large size difference, they retreat, avoiding huge pizza projectiles along the way. Once trapped in an alley, the idea of overloading the bot with order requests dawns on Simon and the bot is destroyed. As Officer Dangus calls his chief, the eye of the drone lights up.




  • Alvin's comment about delivery drones already existing is a reference to the delivery drones.
  • Alvin saying "we're gonna need a bigger ship" is a direct reference to the famous quote "we're gonna need a bigger boat" from the movie Jaws.
  • A sneak-peek was posted on Nicktoons UK.


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