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Overworked Alvin is an episode of The Alvin Show series.


Dave comes home from work to find the yard and the house a mess. Disappointed in the boys lack of personal responsibility, Dave decides to begin acting as a drill sergeant to get The Chipmunks' acts straight. Unhappy with having to do work, Alvin and his brothers conspire to get back at him by contacting a news reporter and trying to show her that Dave is a slave driver only to have their plan backfire.


Musical Segments[]

Dave & The Chipmunks in Witch Doctor
It's evening in the Seville household and Dave is unpacking his latest mask for his collection. When Alvin asks Dave why he collects masks, Dave explains that show biz was started through ceremonies that used masks. As Dave continues giving history of the masks he has, The Chipmunks decide that they want to sing Dave's song, Witch Doctor. Dave reluctantly gives in and performs the song with the boys. Their singing wakes the neighbors and when they bang on the front door, they are scared to death by the masks Dave and the boys had put on when singing.
Chipmunk song HQ
It's Christmas time and Alvin is putting up signs all over the house to remind Dave that he wants a hula-hoop. Alvin watches Dave bring in a large stack of present and tries to sneak-a-peak inside them when no one's looking. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore sing while Alvin constantly looks over at the presents. In the middle of the song, Theodore hangs the stockings, Simon decorates the tree, and Alvin goes through most of the presents. In the end, Alvin receives his hula-hoop while Simon and Theodore are given toy planes.

Clyde Crashcup Segment[]

  • Invents Flight
Clyde and Leonardo In Invent Flight
Clyde is sleeping when two flies wake him and Leonardo kills them. Upon examining a fly's wing, Clyde decides to invent flight. His first design consists of wings similar to a fly. Faced with his first failure, Clyde creates the whirling wing, placed on his head, only to find himself drilled into the floor or twisted like a rope. Convinced he's headed in the right direction, Clyde creates power and, in combination with his first wing design, leads himself on a wild ride through the air. After one final design, the heavier-than-air-craft, fails too, they conclude flight is for the birds.


  • "The Chipmunk Song" musical segment was available on The Chipmunks' former official home website.
  • Part of The Alvin Show DVD.
  • This version of "The Chipmunk Song" has slightly re-recorded vocals from the original, only the dialogue remains the same. This version was released on the 1976 K-Tel album, Looney Tunes (no relation to Warner Bros' cartoon series).