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Officer Doris Dangus is a recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series. He is one of the police officers for the town.


Dangus is a tall Caucasian man with brown hair and large sunglasses. His uniform is typical for a police officer, sporting a blue button-up collared shirt tucked into dark blue pants and black dress shoes. He also wears a police cap and usually carries a nightstick, walky-talky, and handcuffs on his black belt as well as a watch on his right wrist.


Dangus tends to be a firm cop, especially with Alvin,[1] though when proven wrong on an issue he becomes softer and a little insecure. Dangus does not always do his job as a cop. He's not always that bright considering his advice for kids to take whatever dangerous risks necessary to be a hero.[2] He's also seen to be very emotional about other cops making fun of him behind his back and his own shortcomings as an officer after losing his squad car and bike.[3] Even though Alvin can give him a hard time, he will side with Alvin when Dave is hurting his confidence.


  • The design of his walky-talky changes after his premiere, flashback episode.
  • Officer Dangus has a nephew, revealed in The Sub, and a dog, revealed in Prank Calls.
  • It's also revealed that he has an older twin brother called Dirk, who is a detective, that bullies him, as revealed in Double Dangus.
  • He runs a social media page for his cat named Mr. Sparkles, as revealed in Gone Gal.
  • Despite looking very athletic, he has difficulty traversing fences, stating his thin wrists can't hold up his muscular body.[3]
  • His first name was revealed in Double Dangus



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