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No Chipmunk Is an Island is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


After a big fight over noise and touching each others things, The Chipmunks convince Dave in allowing them to make different parts of the house their own room. That night, each brother has a nightmare about what would happen living by themselves.

Alvin's Nightmare[]

Alvin, who slept in the attic, imagines he now lives in a fancy penthouse. He shows this off to Hidalgo on an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich & Reclusive. Alvin shows Hidalgo neat aspects of his celebrity lifestyle such as an artificial ski slope and a pool that generates waves big enough for surfing. The show is interrupted by battalions of angry rebels who have no electric power for their homes as Alvin is such an energy hog. Among the rebels are Simon, Theodore and Dave, who chop down a tree that falls onto the power lines, disrupting the power and causing Alvin's penthouse to overload forcing him to hang on for dear life.

Simon's Nightmare[]

Simon, who slept in the basement, imagines he now lives in an underground laboratory. Simon has won nine Nobel Prizes and uses his "Brobots," android replicas of Theodore and Alvin, to assist him in earning a tenth prize. However, the robots go haywire and stage a revolt by smashing up Simon's lab.

Theodore's Nightmare[]

Theodore, who slept in the guest house, imagines he now lives in a country manor with many amenities. Being Theodore, his favorite room is the kitchen. Theodore cooks a big meal which literally gives him gas, causing him to expand and float away into the city, which alerts the Blue Angels who chase after him.

In the morning, Dave finds all of them once again in their original room no longer wishing to have their own rooms. That night, as they try to please each other, they end up arguing over the television.




  • The title is a pun on the saying "No Man is an Island."
  • Simon's wake-up call where a man says "you have billions and billions of things to invent today" is a likely reference to Carl Sagan, whose reputation was gained with his term "billions and billions of years ago."
  • Hilargo is an obvious spoof of Geraldo Rivera.
  • Theodore mentioning "better homes and dungeons" is a direct reference to the famous US magazine better homes and gardens.
  • When the Blue Angels are circling Theodore, one of the pilots is seen in a close-up resembling Dave.
  • This episode reuses many pieces of animation multiple times.
  • Part of the Alvin and the Chipmunks: Nightmare on Seville Street VHS.
  • Part of the Trick or Treason DVD.


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