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My Pharaoh Lady is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


Miss Miller strains a muscle and has Jeanette and Eleanor fulfill her requests while Brittany stresses over what to wear for the school's Winter Carnival Queen contest. Soon after Dave drives both the boys and girls to the Museum of History at which Brittany makes a bet with Missy Snootson, another girl in her class, that if the Egyptian mummy of Rutentuten does not temporarily resurrect from his sarcophagus and visit her home by midnight, Brittany must drop out of the race to be the school's Winter Carnival Queen. If he does show up, Missy will drop out. Jeanette and Alvin disguise themselves as mummies making an attempt to fool Missy, but both of them fail. The real mummy visits Brittany without speaking to her. Rutentuten is mistaken for Miss Miller due to his limp. Missy and her classmates leave after she claims to be the school's Winter Carnival Queen due to the mummy's absence. Brittany unwittingly dismisses the mummy's actual presence and Miss Miller's deception shows up very late. Brittany faints when she realizes she dismissed the resurrected mummy. Brittany disappointingly loses the school's Winter Carnival Queen election to Missy.  




  • The title is a pun on the name My Fair Lady, a Broadway musical. This is the second episode to have done so; My Fair Chipette being the first.
  • It's revealed that Brittany's physical strength is about that or even a little greater than Alvin's.
  • Alvin's belly-button is visible as he works out.
  • This is the last episode where Jeanette is seen without her glasses.