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Munk Vs Machine is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks and Chipettes compete in a dodgeball tournament, but no one expects Theo to be their secret weapon.[2]


Coach Dopkins praises players for their dodgeball skills before Alvin addresses his team about maintaining focus for the playoffs. Meanwhile Kevin is stressing out severely and attempts to have Theodore take his place though the young munk claims to be a "dodgeball pacifist." One of their competitors, named Rich Kids lead by Bocarter, walk in wearing the latest dodgeball technology: laser-guidance gloves, 3-D anticipatory movement goggles, and the Air-shield Vest Defense System. Dopkins fails to find a rule prohibiting their technology and the matches begin. Both teams defeat the other teams around them, making it into the semi-finals. After Kevin fakes an ankle injury, Alvin's forced to find another player to stay in the competition. They spot Theodore playing with Juliet and Stinky, two socks he made into puppets, and try to convince him to join the team. He does, with the intention of standing in the back, though when Juliet is hit with a ball, Theodore turns into a dodgeball beast and wins the match for them. He unfortunately doesn't remember anything that happened. At the Seville House that evening, Alvin hits Juliet with a ball, in order to confirm how to get Theodore into "beast mode," and is hit quite hard in return. Alvin's team takes on the Rich Kids in the finals, with one member replaced with a large robot; the bot takes out everyone but Theodore so Alvin frantically calls for a time out. Alvin gives Theodore his socks, who originally were in the stands watching, and Theodore destroys the robot once Bocarter hits Juliet. Brittany and Eleanor give the socks voices after Theodore wins and he believes they got hit in the head as a result.





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