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Munk Man is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin and Simon argue over who is the real hero when Simon creates a super hero costume for a convention.[1]


Simon's caught in a daydream and explains to Dave that he's working on a character, Munk Man, for a superhero contest. That night, Alvin's woken by Simon throwing a grappling hook in their tree; a branch breaks injuring Simon's arm so Alvin mentions becoming his sidekick. Simon's caught closing a secret room in the basement the next morning and Alvin's determined to see its contents, though Simon gives him a list of things Alvin needs to pick up instead. Following a nightmare about being overshadowed by his sidekick due to his bad arm and Alvin's popularity, Simon reveals the Munkmobile and their costumes. After Simon gives Alvin a ducky costume in hopes of preventing his nightmare from coming true, the Munkmobile takes flight. Alvin takes responsibly over the flight sequence causing the flying vehicle to lose control when he enters it incorrectly. At the convention, Alvin causes Simon's cap and power pack to malfunction and instantly gains everyone's attention with his ducky costume and grappling hook. Alvin misses the presentation so Simon retrieves him from signing autographs to show the toy manufacture his final invention. Simon overhears a phone conversation revealing the man as a phony. Simon orders him to return all the designs he stole, and once the man refuses, the brothers pursue him in the Munkmobile. They capture the global criminal and make the news as heroes.




  • This episode's plot shares some similarities to the 80's episode Batmunk.
  • Alvin's Dark Shadow costume, originally seen in Super Heroes, makes a reappearance.
  • First appearance of Simon's hidden basement room.
  • Simon pretends to give Alvin control of the Munkmobile so he wouldn't take it out himself, most likely a reference to Alvin taking and wrecking his car from Safety Third.
  • Simon telling Alvin to press different colored buttons in a specific order may have been a reference to the game Simon (based on the 1974 game Touch Me).
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Dragon Dad.


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