Mrs. Frumpington is a recurring character in the 1961-1962 television series The Alvin Show.


Mrs. Frumpington is a plus-sized woman with pale skin and neat light brown hair. She wears a long light orange dress.


Mrs. Frumpington dislikes The Chipmunks' music, calling it "trash," "disgusting," and "revolting." She can be seen as representing the "proper" ladies and acceptable societal behavior. For example, she represents The Ladies of the Squares who prefer traditional media and she teaches The Chipmunks manners. 



  • In Squares, Lee Patrick provided Mrs. Frumpington's speaking voice, up until near the end when she starts to go crazy with her singing and scatting, when June Foray provided her voice (as apparently Lee couldn't go crazy with her vocals the way June could).
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