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Mother's Day is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


Disappointed that they don't have a mother, The Chipmunks try to find the perfect mother to attend their school's Mother - Son picnic. After Dave states that she'd have to land on his doorstep, the boys work to make this happen. Simon chooses a scientist, Theodore a baker, and Alvin a gymnast, though they all overstate Dave's accomplishments and abilities. All their choices told the boys they couldn't make it but show up anyway. The boys sabotage the others' dates causing them all to leave. As a result, the boys think Dave makes a great mother so they take him to the picnic.



  • "It's Your Mother"[1] sung to the tune of "Dance of The Hours," originally performed in the opera La Gioconda.


  • This is the first episode Dave is dressed as a woman.
  • Goof: Simon inaccurately uses the term "Pterodactyl" instead of "Pterosaur".
  • The book A Mother for The Chipmunks is based on this episode.
  • Part of the Driving Dave Crazy DVD.


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