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Mojo Missing is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


In a rare moment of generosity, Alvin gives his beloved cap to a fan. But soon he's convinced his mojo was in his cap, and must find a way to get his hat back before the Chipmunks' big concert.[3]


Simon and Theodore are ready to leave for school, but Alvin keeps watching a video of him giving away his hat to a girl. At school, his classmates applaud him and, Alvin, who was given a song written by a classmate, finds he lost his singing voice which he passes off as a sore throat. After he misses 22 baskets, Alvin is convinced his mojo is missing, as proven by failing to juggle spoons. That night Alvin has a nightmare and wakes up Simon to tell him that his mojo is in the cap he gave away to Misty. The next day Alvin invites Misty over so he can give her a new hat in hopes of getting his old one back, but Misty sees the hat as good luck for her and her family. Failing to get the hat back (and his mojo), Alvin and Theodore set out to try and take the hat from her without her noticing. Their efforts fail and his brothers decide to hire someone else to take Alvin's place in the band. At the tryouts, Misty can sing, to the surprise of The Chipmunks and The Chipettes. At the performance, Simon informs Alvin that they weren't actually looking to replace him. Brittany gives him back a hat he thinks is his so he can sing again. Back home, Alvin discovers that the hat is not his old one and Simon tells him it's all in his head. Alvin takes this as if mojo is leaking from his head and seeks to start a mojo marketing campaign.





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