Missy Snootson is a character in episode My Pharaoh Lady, from Alvin and the Chipmunks series. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


While visiting the Museum of History as part of their school field trip, Missy makes a bet with Brittany about the Egyptian mummy of Rootentooten. If he does not temporarily resurrect from his sarcophagus to go to Brittany's house by midnight, Brittany must drop out of the race to be the school Carnival Queen. If he does show up, Missy will drop out. Jeanette and Alvin both disguise themselves as mummies making an attempt to play a trick on Missy. Unfortunately, both of their deceptions turned out to be failures. The real Rootentooten visits Brittany without speaking to her. He is mistaken for Miss Miller due to his limp. Missy and her classmates leave after she claims to be the Winter Carnival Queen due to the mummy's absence. Brittany unwittingly dismisses the mummy's actual presence and Miss Miller's deception shows up very late. Brittany faints when she realizes she unwittingly rejected the real mummy.

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