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  • Can you please stop adding random Google images to the wiki? They aren't necessary. Ideally all images should have a purpose on the wiki and simply to be part of a gallery is not a good reason for them to be uploaded here. Some of your uploads I've deleted as they do not meet the wiki's policies for images. Please limit the images you add in the future, thanks.

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    00:38, November 28, 2018
    • I'm really sorry. It's just that, I'm not really sure what images qualify as "necessary" and "purposeful." I thought they would just make good additions to the galleries because they highlight memorable or stand-out moments from the movies, from my perspective. If you don't want me to keep uploading images at a rate like this, then I won't, and I'll respect your administrative wishes. I'm just not sure what images count as necessary and which ones don't. I was only trying to contribute to the wiki by sharing some images that I found online, but if you think otherwise, then I'll ask permission from now on before uploading an image. I'm sorry for all the random images; I just liked those images and thought that wiki users would be glad to have them here.

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    • Not necessary in this case is taking random images already online and adding them here just to put them in a gallery. Galleries here ideally shouldn't be large, primary sources (meaning not used outside a gallery). Additionally, some of these you were using didn't even crop the blank white/black space beside the images or cropped the image badly. In most cases, the entire screenshot should be used. All of this together makes the wiki appear more professional. Maintaining images on the wiki is a lot of administrative work most editors do not do or see so that's another consideration to take when adding images, especially this way.

      Memorable and stand-out moments are great additions, but of course is going to vary from person to person. Less is more in this case. We got to keep in mind too that this is a wiki that respects the copyright owners as much as possible. Adding images just to add them increasingly violates their rights if not used properly (ie. not in a large gallery).

      One thing I do not like doing is repeating myself or correcting the same things over and over again, especially when I mention the error with an edit. Film titles are italicized, not "quoted," as noted in the wiki's Manual of Style. Please be sure to look over these policy pages and edit summaries so these errors don't continue to happen.

      Also, Navigation may help you in seeing which images are already on the wiki. Duplicates and near duplicates are not allowed on the wiki. Not all images are in one of those categories, for one reason or another, but it's a great resource linked in the wiki's navigation menu.

      If you have questions feel free to let me know, thanks.

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