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Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin has to do a report on the true meaning of Christmas by Christmas Eve. Upset, Alvin carelessly speeds away on his bike, causing Simon and Theodore to spin out of control. Alvin runs over Mr. Carroll's flowers, causing Mr. Carroll to yell at him, Alvin responds by calling him a grouch. Alvin writes a HUGE list of what he wants for Christmas. Alvin is ordered by Dave to get going on his paper route. Alvin does a slapdash job on his paper route, causing a paper intended for Mr. Carroll to be soaked. Mr. Carroll orders Alvin to get him a fresh paper, lest he file a customer complaint, which makes Alvin late to deliver his list and forget to write his essay.

Alvin falls asleep, which then starts his adventure. He first meets an old version of Dave who is the Spirit of Christmas Past.

Christmas Past: When the Chipmunks were tiny, Dave was still living in the ramshackle cabin seen in the pilot episode. The Chipmunks said the only gifts they could afford for Dave were an eraser, pencil and piece of paper, to which Dave replies that is perfect for what he has in mind. He immediately uses the gifts to compose a song and the Chipmunks have a good time singing. Alvin recalls a good time, but then is met by Theodore, the Spirit of Christmas Present, who shows what will come.

Christmas Present: Alvin is so wrapped up in what he will get that he ignores Dave's orders to get going on his paper route. Mr. Carroll does not get his paper, but is not a grouch, as he tells his pet cat Ebenezer that families are probably having a good time with Christmas preparation, but himself being a widower, has no family and no way to connect with the world save for the daily paper. Alvin is surprised and does not want to see anymore, but is met by Simon as the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come.

Christmas Yet to Come: Alvin eats the entire dinner, except Brussell sprouts (which Alvin comments to the Spirit that he hates) making Alvin fatter than Theodore. Alvin jumps to greet Grandma and Grandpa, who are knocked over and sent to the emergency room. Back home, a bandaged Grandma and Grandpa say the doctor said they will be out of their casts by the end of April, and Alvin said that is perfect for them to expect his list for the next Christmas that had not happened yet! Alvin jumps up and down exclaiming for himself, causing the Seville residence to collapse. Frightened by the monster he has become, Alvin wakes up and repents.

Afterwards: Alvin helps Theodore in the kitchen, helps Simon give a large gift to Dave, and composes his essay. He then invites Mr. Carroll to spend Christmas with the Sevilles, and a grateful Mr. Carroll joins in on their Christmas carols.