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Mega Bounce Battle is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The boys disobey Dave's order to not play a dangerous game then have to hide their injuries when they get hurt.[2]


The boys were about to start a game called Mega Bounce Battle. Theodore mentioned something, then they were jotting some rules in Simon's notebook. They were about to start again, but then Dave calls them, and tells them it's dangerous. Alvin pretends to convince Dave when he goes to the store. The boys start again, then during the game, they bump each other. Simon notices Alvin broke his tooth. Simon broke his glasses, and Theodore gets brain damage. Dave calls them to come with him to buy their concert clothes. Theodore his speaking in a British accent during the car ride. During school, those things happen again. At the concert, they mess everything up. The boys tell Dave everything. Dave decides to get rid of the trampoline when they get home. The next morning, Alvin created a new, but dangerous game. Which causes Dave to run after them.




  • The title may be a reference to the popular toy, Wicked Mega Bounce Ball.
  • Theodore is shown to be doing The Floss Dance, during the song montage. Of which is currently quite a popular/viral dance move that was invented by Instagram-famous dancer The Backpack Kid, aka 16-year-old Russell Horning.
  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.


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