Hey Munkapedia family! I am currently one of the wiki's longest serving Admins, with over six years on the wiki, and the sole Bureaucrat. Throughout my time here, Munkapedia has changed, and grown, drastically. Though my expectations for editing are high, I am eager to help our community grow closer as editors and friends. Don't hesitate to talk to me or any of the other friendly editors here with questions or concerns.

Hi, Munkapedia. I'm the Support-Admin for this site, after firstly starting off as a Content Moderator. I'm quite a quiet, nervous person and I struggle with keeping conversations, though I'm very friendly and I'm always happy to help if you have any questions or concerns or what have you. I'll do my best to understand.

User Changes
August 2017
David Alvinson is now a Content Moderator.
User Changes
July 2017
BillusThecat is now a council member.
Feature Removal
April 2017
Removed Chat in favor of the Chipmunks Discord.
User Changes
January 2017
PrinceAzzy is now an Admin.
David Alvinson is now a council member.
User Changes
September 2016
Marchbaby was demoted from Bureaucrat and removed from the Council.
User Changes
April 2016
PrinceAzzy is now a Content Moderator.
User Changes
July 2015
PrinceAzzy is now a council member, taking SJ4evr's place.
New Affiliation
June 2015
Munkapedia is now affiliated with the Alvin and the Chipmunks Forum. Despite this new partnership, our on-site forum is still available.
User Changes
April 2015
DJSponge is now a council member, taking ChipmunkRaccoon's place.
User Changes
October 2014
Marchbaby was demoted from Admin.
Feature Addition
January 2014
Added the new Visual Editor.
User Changes
November 2013
SJ4evr has resigned as Admin and 'Crat.
User Changes
September 2013
Rugratskid is now a council member.
Affiliation Removed & Feature Addition
August 2013
Munkapedia is no longer an affiliated site of The Chipmunks & Chipettes forum due to conflicting interests. Check out our new onsite forum.
Site Policy Revisions
May 2013
Site Policy received major revisions.
User Changes
April 2013
Blumonkeyboy, HaloFan500, and Vaznock have had their 'Crat tools removed while Manta-bee and The 888th Avatar have had their Admin tools removed. HaloFan500 and Manta-bee have also been removed from the Council.
New Affiliation
February 2013
Munkapedia is now an affiliated site of The Chipmunks & Chipettes forum. This is our new official forum.
User Changes
January 2013
We now have a new 'Crat, Admin, and Council member in DEmersonJMFM. Hence forth rights of 'Crats will be delegated between SJ4evr, Marchbaby, and DEmersonJMFM.
Council Additions
June 2012
Starting today the Council is going have new members chosen to be added in order to help balance the amount of power Admins currently have. Also the Policy is going to receive a major overhaul over time to help make it more applicable due to how outdated it currently is.
Feature Additions
February 2012
Added chat and message walls.
User Changes
July 2011
Marchbaby has been accepted as a 'Crat as a stand in for Halofan500.
User Changes
May 2010
Marchbaby has been accepted into the Council of Chipmunks and is now also an Admin.
User Changes
August-October 2009
Some user tools have been changed: Vaznock, The 888th Avatar, and BluMonkeyBoy have had their tools removed. SJ4evr is now 2nd and final 'Crat (HaloFan500 being the 1st). Manta-bee is also now an Admin.
Site Name Change
May 2009
The site's name has been permanently changed to Munkapedia.
Council of Chipmunks Created
May 2009
A council has been made that allows all types of registered users to maintain the wiki, meaning Admins and 'Crats no longer represent the misconception of power our wiki once held.
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