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Marina Rodentia is a recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series as a celebrity fashionista.

She speaks in an Italian accent and is world-renowned for her designs of outfits, fashion accessories, and even baby wear.[1] She has a profound interest in and appreciation for art, and all things artistic, new and original.[2] She owns a high-end boutique in the town's shopping area. Marina sometimes donates her time to advance young people's interests in the fashion industry and has organized promotions and competitions, in one of which the prize was Marina's limited edition handbag.[1]


Marina has brunette hair with a mole next to her red, lipsticked lips. She wears a patterned green, black, and white cyan dress and designer tortoise glasses shaped similarly to those of Miss Smith but with more of a rectangular look. She also wears a purple- and white-spotted band on her left wrist and high purple-sparkly high heels.


Marina can sometimes be manipulative and bitchy by telling white lies in order to bring out the best in people in terms of competition, with a few unintended consequences[3] while at other times lying in order to protect people's feelings from being hurt.[2] She doesn't accept being turned down for anything, stating "no one says 'no' to Marina."[3] Marina does have moments of selflessness such as the time she gave Brittany Talking Teddy tickets.[4]


  • Marina is Brittany's fashion icon and goddess.[3]
  • Her last name sounds similar to Rodenchia, the taxonomic order of mammals which includes chipmunks.
  • She claimed Princess Diana and Britney Spears as her fashion inspirations on her first appareance at the show.



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