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Mancave is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin is convinced that Julie and her son are trying to move in to their home, so he tries to stop the invasion.[1]


Dave and The Chipmunks are playing soccer when Julie arrives and Dave bails on the boys in favor of going to the theater with her. Back home, Miss Miller cooks dinner for the boys and chooses a documentary for them to watch about the cuckoo bird and its thieving behavior. In the morning Dave convinces Alvin and Simon to try some of his cooking he learned from a cooking class, at Julie's request, but find it distasteful. Upset that Julie's also added flowers to the house, Alvin has a nightmare in which Julie is a cuckoo bird taking over the Seville House. Julie continues to spend more time with Dave and Alvin becomes convinced she wishes to soon make them take care of her son. After Julie asks Simon to watch her son when she goes shopping, he gets on board with Alvin's plan to keep her out. Alvin, using Simon's voice changer, calls Julie telling her to stay away. Dave arrives to call Julie and Theodore does his best to stop him. The boys also build a barricade which fails to hold Julie back so Alvin pretends they have a dangerous sickness that requires the attention of the World Health Department. Police cars quickly swarm the residence and Dave learns of the quarantine. Dave discovers their feelings about Julie and Julie sets them straight about her lack of desire to move in with four men because Alvin's a handful.





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