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Mad About Alvin is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


While fighting over a pair of socks, Dave tells Alvin and Theodore that fighting never solves anything and instead they should talk things through. Dave declares that he doesn't want to see them fighting again.

Later at school during art class, while Alvin is painting his best subject, he accidentally spills some yellow paint on a big, angry looking classmate. He does his best to clean it off, remarking that he can now say his shirt was painted personally by Alvin. The student, named "Big Basher" doing his best to control his temper tells him to not let it happen again. Alvin is relieved that Big Basher won't clobber him. Meanwhile Big Basher is afraid when his mom sees the painted shirt, he will get in trouble. In the meantime three fellow classmates, who were bored after the teacher confiscated their portable TV, saw what happened between Alvin and Basher. They decide to create some excitement.

Later on in the hall, the three classmates talk to Alvin. After Alvin say he is not afraid of anyone including fighting Big Basher by the auditorium at 3, the three students run off to tel Basher and tell him Alvin has challenged him to a fight. Simon has the feeling Alvin should never had said that. Sure enough, Simon is right. The three classmates come up to tell Alvin that Basher agreed to the fight and the whole thing is actually happening. Though Alvin shows a brave face in front of them, he is petrified. He tries to escape from the school. However, his attempts are thwarted each time by a teacher, one of the three students from before, some dogs, the janitor and finally Dave, who wonders why Alvin is cutting school when it is time for a trumpet lesson.

By the 3:00 approaches, Alvin and Basher are carried to the auditorium for their fight by many students eager to see Basher win. The three instigating students had been spreading the word about the fight in various forms. One of the students informs Dave about the fight and after learning Alvin's one of the kids involved, he rushes to the school to break it up.

Back at the school, Alvin and Big Basher are just about throw the first punches when Theodore is nip the fight in the bud before things get heated by asking Big Basher why would he want to fight Alvin. Due to this, the two learn it was all just a misunderstanding and that neither really want to fight. The whole thing was for amusement of the three classmates. Big Basher calls off the fight, and tells those three troublemakers that he's not going have his mother mad at him for their amusement while Alvin warns them to not do this again. who walk off, annoyed along with the other kids. After things calm down, Big Basher invites Alvin for a drumming session. Alvin is surprised to see this side of him as he thinks Big Basher got his name for being a wrestler. Big Basher debunks this myth saying that he actually got his name from bashing the drums. Alvin graciously accepts his request.

Meanwhile Dave and Big Basher's father show up at the school to break up the fight between their sons. The two fathers almost got into a fight over which boy instigated their fight let alone sending one to the hospital. The other parents are entertained by this, but Alvin and Big Basher break it up before things become out of hand with Alvin saying "I heard there was gonna be a fight but I've never expected you two." The two boys each grab their dads by the ear. Big Basher comments that he's surprised at his father since he usually tells him "real friends don't let friends fight" and Alvin reminds Dave his earlier quote to him about "fighting won't solve anything". Additionally, Alvin comments "sometimes grown ups can be so immature."



  • This is the only episode of the series to not include a song.