Mad About Alvin is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


While fighting over a pair of socks, Dave tells Alvin and Theodore that fighting never solves anything and instead they should talk things through. Later at school during art class, Alvin accidentally spills some yellow paint on a big, angry looking classmate. He does his best to clean it off, remarking that he can now say his shirt was painted personally by Alvin. The student, named "Big Basher" warns Alvin to be more careful in the future. Three fellow classmates, who were bored after the teacher took their TV away, saw what happened between Alvin and Basher and decide to have some fun. They talk to Alvin and after he admits he wasn't scared during the previous conflict, he agrees to fight Basher at 3PM. The three students then talk to Basher and tell him Alvin has challenged him to a fight and Basher agrees to the challenge. Once Alvin learns that Basher agreed to the fight, he tries to escape from the school. However, his attempts are thwarted each time by a teacher, one of the three students from before, some dogs, the janitor and finally Dave, who wonders why Alvin is cutting school when it is time for a trumpet lesson. At 3PM Alvin and Basher are carried to the back of the gym for their fight by fellow students eager to see Basher win. Meanwhile the three instigating students had been spreading the word about the fight in various forms. One of the students informs Dave about the fight and after learning Alvin's one of the kids involved, he rushes to the school to try and stop it. Back at the school, Theodore is able to end the fight by getting Alvin and Basher to talk. They learn it was all just a misunderstanding and that neither hates the other, and that the whole point of the fight was for amusement of the three instigators, who run off in fear. Alvin also admits he was scared of Big Basher reputation as a bully, but Basher says that is untrue, rather he got his nickname from being a drummer, or "bashing the drums". Seeing how Basher is a music fan, Alvin agrees to be friends. However, a misunderstanding by Dave and Big Basher's father leads the two to almost fight. Alvin takes Dave away, and Basher does the same with his father before the two men ended up hurting themselves for no reason save for a few adults to get their thrills.



  • This is the only episode of the series to not include a song.
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