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Lil'T is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When his brothers won't listen to Theodore's song, he posts a video of himself rapping on the Internet and it becomes a mega-hit! Soon Theodore, (now Lil'T), is offered a solo career and has to decide between family and fame as a solo artist.[3]


Dave wants the boys to write a song by themselves, but it's not going so well. When his brothers refuse to listen to his song, Theodore's a little depressed until he sees a video of Biggy Large aka Bigs, the biggest rapper in the world, offering encouragement for new artists. Theo records his song and waits for likes only to see the first a dislike, furthering his disappointment. The following morning, two agents visit the Seville House hoping to sign Theodore to a solo career when "Ice Cream Dreams" goes viral. The agents change his name (now Lil'T), look, and attitude before he signs his contract. Lil'T meets Bigs for a collaboration. Meanwhile at home, Alvin, unable to hit the notes Lil'T's responsible for, calls Brittany in order to get Theodore back. While Alvin, Simon, and The Chipettes prepare an apology party for Theodore, they learn that he's on the way to the airport to take part in a Japanese tour with Bigs. In order to get on the private plane, Alvin and Simon dress as a flight attendant with which they convince him to stay. Back home, The Chipmunks and The Chipettes record Theodore's song.




  • Theodore's full-name, in this series, is confirmed to be Theodore Jameson Seville as stated by Simon during the plane scene of this episode.
  • The clip of Theodore dancing in front of the computer, the clip of Lil'T walking down the hallway, and the clip of The Chipettes dancing as they sing "Ice Cream Dreams" are included in the original series opening theme.
  • Part of the Driving Dave Crazy DVD.
  • First episode to show The Chipmunks and The Chipettes singing on-screen.

Storyboard Animatic[]


Lil'T - Storyboard


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