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Lights Camera Uh Oh is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When The Chipmunks set out to help Jeanette make a student film, they have different ideas about the project.[3]


Jeanette discovers a poster about a student film in which the winner gets film equipment and the opportunity to meet a famous director. She tells her sisters and The Chipmunks who all have different ideas: Alvin believes the film should to be about a secret agent, Brittany a strong, independent woman spy, Theodore a comedy with fart jokes, Eleanor horror, Simon an astronaut, and Jeanette an old man. Each chipmunk wants to be the star though Jeanette's idea encompassed them helping her behind the camera with Dave as the star: Brittany handles makeup, Jeanette directing, Eleanor producing, Simon video, and Theodore sound. For the scene, Dave must walk into the Seville House and throw his keys into the dish on the stand, but, despite multiple tries, he's unable to do so, hitting everything else instead. After Jeanette gives him a talk to boast his confidence, they finally get the shot only for Alvin to be seen crashing it in his secret agent outfit. As a result, a frustrated Jeanette silently leaves and Alvin, feeling guilt, convinces everyone else to work together to finish the film. They work hard, combining their movie ideas, for Jeanette to tell them she's already filmed her movie about an ant. When Jeanette's video fails to upload online, Alvin rushes it to the post office to beat the deadline. Some time later, a letter arrives stating her video received last place, which fails to extinguish her future video plans.




  • "Awesometown!" is briefly heard in the background near the beginning during Theodore's idea.
  • "Fools Beware" is heard in the background when Alvin delivers Jeanette's movie to the post office.
  • During Simon's idea, "Witch Doctor" is briefly heard as Simon is approaching the spaceship.
  • Both Talking Teddies, from Talking Teddy, make a reappearance.
  • The X-class 247 from Safety Third makes a reappearance.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Warbie.


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