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Life of the Party is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks along with Kevin and Cheesy decide to crash BoCarter's birthday yacht party after not being invited.[2]


Jeeves is handing out invitations to Bocarter's birthday party at school, where he informs Alvin he's (along with his brothers, Kevin, and Cheesy) specifically not invited. Alvin confronts Bocarter in class, begging to go, though is simply laughed at for his desperation. That night Alvin shows his brothers a bootlegged version of Bocarter's invination for the yacht party and all the uninvited gather at the marina with the intent to sneak into the party. They distract the guy guarding the vessel but are disappointed at the look of Bocarter's boat once aboard. It quickly becomes apparent they got onto the wrong boat when Simon notices Alvin read the docking number upside down and the yacht is seen departing in the distance. The group hides in a barrel until the crew boards after which they jump onto a lifeboat. The captain tells his crew to keep an eye out for a family of dolphins so everyone but Cheesy jumps back onto the ship in order to sabotage their efforts. The crew discovers the deception before capturing and tying them up, while Cheesy takes a nap. Kevin confesses to the captain, who returns to fishing the dolphins; Cheesy wakes and unties them. The crew nests the dolphins, and after Simon cuts the net free from the boat, they are thrown into the water. As the vessel turns around to get them, the dolphins pick them up and Alvin tosses a piece of net into their propeller to stop the ship. They spot Bocarter's yacht and jump onto it when the dolphins jump over. While the members of the party question the boys, the Coast Guard arrests the crew for illegal fishing.



  • "Do It" [citation needed]


  • This episode was paired with Instant Gram on Netflix.
  • The episode's title could be a reference to The KIDZ BOP 32 2016 Song: Life of the Party.


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