Kong! is an episode of The Chipmunks Go to the Movies series.


When a famous Broadway producer, Buster Bardom, camps out on an island, he soon meets a native, Kiki. While the two roam the forest, they are captured by a large bird but are quickly rescued by a giant ape named Kong. Buster dreams of convincing Kong to come back to America with him, but Kiki, Kong's best friend, and Nola, a famous and beautiful actress, stand in his way. Nola washed ashore in her rowboat and emerges as an object of Kong's love. Once back in America, Kong is the star in multiple plays along with Nola. Professor Fossy becomes worried that Kong could become emotionally destroyed if Nola leaves him. Once she leaves, he turns distraught, finds her, and climbs the tallest building in the city. In the end, Nola is safe and Kong is reunited with Kiki.



Behind the Scenes

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