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Kevin Hanson is a recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series as one of the students in The Chipmunks' school.

Kevin was the leader of the Mathtrons (formerly known as the Mathletes),[1] part of the editorial board for the school paper,[2] and is often seen hanging around with other brainy and equally nonathletic students such as Cheesy and Warren.[1] A testament to his above-average intellect, Kevin, along with Simon, attends Dr. Haywood's strenuous computer science class.[3] He is friends with both Alvin and Simon, although when the two are pinned against one another, he tends to side with Simon.[4] Kevin's love interest is Pamela D.[5] He also has a cousin named Mary-Anne along with two baby cousins, who he finds annoying.[6]


He has red-colored hair with a bowl cut, a freckled face with large, black glasses, and blue eyes. His outfit consists of a green, striped shirt and light, beige shorts, along with white socks, brown shoes, and a bandage on his left forearm. His teeth are crooked; one of his front teeth is slightly larger than the other.


Kevin is a socially awkward, lanky kid who is far from a Casanova, but does, as most boys of his age do, have an interest in girls. His main love, however, is mathematics and all things academic, followed closely by his high involvement in the video game Mystic Mountain, and even conspiracy theories. Despite his intelligence, he still shows extreme nervousness or stress when it comes to academic competition.[7] He fears his mother's wrath[1] and likes to play a know-it-all with his friends, sometimes citing highly dubious sources for the basis of his beliefs.[8] Being as athletically challenged as he is, he has often times been the target of bullying, primarily by Derek Smalls. Despite some of his shortcomings, whenever one of The Chipmunks needs his assistance, Kevin is usually quick to lend a helping hand.


  • He is part of a group called Mathtrons (formerly known as the Mathletes) which consists of Warren and Cheesy, who he is often seen hanging around with.
  • The image on Kevin's shirt closely resembles one of the aliens from the '70s video game Space Invaders.
  • Kevin's alias in Mystic Mountain is The Goblin King.
  • His DJ name is DJ K.
  • Usually, when he sneaks around somewhere, Kevin wears his green goblin mask.[8]




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