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It Came From Outer Space is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin passes off a rock he found on the ground as a meteor for a science project and gets some unwanted attention.[2]


Alvin prepares for school at the last minute and catches up with his brothers outside. Alvin realizes that he forgot to do his science project after Simon and Theodore show him an enlarged hydrogen atom and a plate of rotting brussel sprouts respectively, so he finds a rock on the sidewalk and decides to pass it off as a meteorite. Simon presents his project first though it puts Miss Smith to sleep and is of no interest to the other students. With some technical assistance from Kevin, Alvin presents next to the class, who are amazed and post pictures of the rock and Alvin to social media. Moments later, government agents arrive to confiscate the meteorite which leads them to chase Alvin throughout the school. Alvin eventually gets caught by a scientist, who tells him that the rock he found really is a meteorite and that it is worth a lot of money. Unfortunately, the government agents confiscate it anyway and leave but not before Theodore tries to sell them his foul smelling brussel sprouts too. Despite Alvin's technical show and creative writing for his presentation, Miss Smith gives Alvin a D- given he didn't really have a science project. He's actually happy about his grade, believing that holding things off until the last minute does pay off. That night at the Seville House, Theodore's plate of brussel sprouts turns out to actually be an alien in disguise and beams up into space.




  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1953 classic science fiction film of the same name.
  • Kevin's DJ name is DJ K.
  • Simon mentions the Schrodinger equation, which is a mathematical equation used in quantum physics.
  • The opening line of Alvin's presentation "Space, the final frontier." is a reference to the original 1966 Star Trek TV series.
  • "Chat-Snap" is a play on Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app.
  • One of the Alvin dolls first seen in Principal Interest makes a reappearance.
  • Contrary to what one of the government agents says, it is actually legal in the United States to keep a meteorite that falls from the sky as long as the finder has permission from the person who owns the land it impacted on.
  • Goof: Simon says that his science project was an enlarged, regular hydrogen atom, but it has two electrons instead of one, resembling a hydrogen anion instead.
  • Goof: Alvin finds the meteorite on the sidewalk even though it should have caused a large impact crater (if it landed there).


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