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Instant Gram is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Dave gets an "Instant Gram" account and after several embarrassing posts, Alvin does all he can to stop him.[2]


While Dave waits outside the school, Julie shows Dave a new video from Alvin on his Instant Gram. Back at the Seville House, Alvin tries to get Olivia to go to a party with him before pretending to help Dave get on Instant Gram, claiming his phone doesn't get it. Alvin rushes upstairs to tell his brothers the terrible news, but they aren't worried until they realize it'll give Dave a chance to post embarrassing photos of them online. The Chipettes are watching a kitty video outside when Dave stops by, and Brittany checks Dave's phone, adding the app for him. Alvin sees Dave's first post in Miss Smith's class, irritating her so she shares with the class. After Dave likes a bunch of Olivia's posts and she calls Dave that night, Alvin decides to get Simon's help learning to photo edit his posts. With his new skill, Alvin begins taking, editing, and posting a bunch of silly images to Dave's account; unfortunately for Alvin, his actions only make Dave more popular than him. Frustrated, Dave asks Simon for help when Olivia texts him again. Alvin, unable to take it anymore, sneaks into Dave's room at night to post that Dave doesn't like firemen, but he mistakenly calls the police as Dave sleep shouts. Officer Dangus arrives, believing there's an intruder in the house. He orders Alvin into his squad car before going upstairs, knocking himself out with num-chuks and scaring Dave. At school the following day everyone expresses their displeasure at Alvin for calling the police on Dave, which got out when Bocarter posted an image of Alvin in Dangus' car online. Alvin later pleads with Dave to help him win back his "street cred," but Dave first explains that Olivia's been texting him to try and hook him up with her mother. In order to boast Alvin's following, Dave and Alvin take photos of them together wearing bunny suits.




  • Instant Gram is a play on the popular social networking service Instagram.
  • When Julie shows Dave Alvin's Instant Gram video, he's shown playing a brief part of the guitar solo from the season three song "One in a Million" as heard from the episode Guitar Hero.
  • Goof: While "helping" Dave get the app on his phone, Alvin's hood disappears for a moment before reappearing again.
  • Series Running Gag: We're chipmunks - Simon reminds Alvin that Dave "lives with three chipmunks" after Alvin suggests telling everyone that Dave doesn't like animals.
  • Series Running Gag: Alvin says the wrong word/phrase - "social piranha" instead of "social pariah."
  • The bunny costumes Dave and Alvin wear at the end are the same ones Alvin wore when he lost the bet to Bocarter in the season three episode Across the Universe.
  • This episode was paired with Life of the Party on Netflix.
  • This marks the second episode where Alvin calls the police on Dave; the first being Dad Jokes.


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