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Inner Dave is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


After a game of Wiffleball from the night before goes wrong, Alvin has no choice, but to clean the living room. Dave comes in to warn him that he must have everything clean before they go to The Record Company Banquet or else he will not watch TV for a month. Desperate, Alvin seeks the help of Simon and sees him shrinking plates with his latest invention "The Shrink Ray." Simon then explains that he just has to immerse them in water, then they return to their normal size. Alvin uses that opportunity to use it to shrink a juice stain on the dirty carpet, but a mishap with the shrink ray causes the boys to be accidentally shrunk. They realize their only way to become big again is to get in contact with water but they would need help. Just then, Dave calls out for Alvin when he sees the room is still a mess, but when Alvin calls out to Dave, they realize their too small to be heard and must find a way to get up to Dave's eardrum. The Chipmunks then notice Lily trying to get Dave's attention and decide to hitch a ride on her in order to get closer to his face. Dave gets her attention and proceeds to pick her up when he discovers she has fleas, and the Chipmunks successfully get onto his ear calling out for help. However, Dave begins to think he is crazy and takes a nap. Simon says the only way Dave will rescue them is if they enter is brain and re-work his thinking.

Once they slip inside, Simon explains they must go to the place where all Dave's Memories and thoughts are stored. Later, Dave wakes up from his nap quickly and rushes to the Banquet where he meets up with the President of the Record company only to make a fool of himself when he moves uncontrollably and makes faces (due to Alvin messing with his brain muscles) Theodore is convinced that they hit a dead end and are lost, but Alvin refuses to give up and wanders off. Simon goes after him while Theodore is ordered to stay put near Dave's Pupils and keep an eye on things. Alvin and Simon manage to find Dave's Memory bank where Alvin realizes he can medal with his memories and uses the advantage to convince Dave he is a perfect child. Meanwhile, Dave is in trouble when he continues to make excuses of why the chipmunks have not arrived yet. Theodore takes notice of whats happening and goes to warn his brothers. the boys decide that the quickest way out is through Dave's nose so they can try to get him to sneeze them out. Alvin attempts to make him sneeze by tickling him, but it fails when Dave is too reluctant to do so.

Alvin then ends up slipping and falling into Dave's mouth where the boys proceed to sing their song from there and straight into the microphone where Dave is speaking. The show becomes a success and The President of The Record Company gives Dave a hard pat on the back causing the Chipmunks to fly out of his mouth and into a pitcher of water thus returning them to their normal size.

However the whole thing is all just a dream, when Dave wakes Alvin up scolding him for the living room still being a nightmare. Alvin tells Dave it was an accident and thinks he gets blamed for everything. Dave thinks he may have been a little too hard on Alvin and tells him to try to be more careful while he tries to be more patient, but it still won't get Alvin out of cleaning the living room.





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