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Independence Day is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When the boys get tired of taking orders from Dave, they move out and build a treehouse in the backyard.[2]


When Dave turns off Alvin's game for dinner, confiscates Simon's phone, and gets onto Theodore for eating cookies before dinner, Alvin attempts to make the point that Dave's too controlling of them. The following morning Alvin declares a tree in the backyard will become their new home as the location of their own treehouse. They confront Dave, who supports the idea, until he learns of Alvin's plan to include a diving board, a rocket launcher, and a spinner designed to make him fly. As a result of Alvin's ideas, Dave has a nightmare in which he has to keep saving Alvin. The brother's continue designing plans for the treehouse until Dave expresses his disagreement. Thinking quick, Alvin claims they already started building. Dave returns from his meeting to find what they've constructed so far, really just Cheesy's old doghouse. Desperate to prove they can be independent, the boys attempt to spend the night with no dinner until hunger drives them inside for food, but Dave catches them sneaking out. Not wanting to give in, they lie stating the food is for a food drive at school. Later, the sound of Theodore eating an apple wakes his brothers, and while fighting for it, they knock their house out of the tree. The Chipmunks, convinced Dave's been mad at them for the past two weeks, are surprised to find a brand new treehouse built in the place of Cheesy's old doghouse.




  • During Dave's dream sequence, when Simon says that Alvin "is heading north on the 101.", this is in reference to American highway 101 which runs through California.
  • When this episode aired in the US, it aired with a re-run of The Fugitives.


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