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"Ice Cream Dreams" is an original song performed by Theodore Seville in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks episode Lil'T, split into two pieces (the second includes The Chipmunks and The Chipettes), and the Takin' Center Stage game. The original solo was first shown in a clip on the Nick Jr. UK website and a longer version of the second part was first heard in a French ALVINNN!!! promo. It has yet to be released as part of an Alvin and the Chipmunks album.


I got the "I" to the "C" to the "E" to the cream
Tell me what flavor of life you dream
When things get rough, need a Rocky Road
When life hands you lemons, make some gelato

Oh, you know I love ice cream
Got big dreams of a big scoop with fresh fruit
Ice cream dreams when I'm in my bed
Ice cream thoughts floating through my head

All day, all night
Ain't a flavor that I don't like

The Chipmunks & The Chipettes:
Scoop, scoop, scoop
Scoop-a-doop, doop
Scoop-a-doop-a-doop, doop, doop
Scoop-a-doop, doop

The Chipettes:
Ice cream (scoop, scoop), ice cream (scoop, scoop)
It feels like a nice dream (doop, doop), nice dream (doop, doop)
And even though it's so light, it's so white
It can keep you warm at night