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I Love The Chipmunks Valentine Special is an Alvin and the Chipmunks special.


Brittany wishes for Alvin to go to the Valentine's Dance with her, due to the fact she has a large crush on him. However, Alvin thinks that Brittany will not like him and dump him after Valentine's Day due to their past experiences. Theodore and Simon try to help Alvin overcome his fear of asking Brittany to the dance by having him listen to a tape that is supposed to improve his confidence. Instead of improving his confidence, he turns into Captain Chipmunk, who has various wooing abilities such as singing and being charming. After two nights, he figures out that he himself is Captain Chipmunk. Alvin then cooks up a plan to get Brittany back, who finds out that Captain Chipmunk is Alvin.




  • This marks the first time where Simon wears blue glasses, with "clear" lenses, and when Jeanette wears pink glasses.
  • This is the first time where Jeanette is seen without her glasses.
  • Marilyn Monroe is mentioned.
  • Alvin's Captain Chipmunk costume has similarities and is a possible reference to the fictional character Zorro.
  • First appearance of The Chipettes' Treehouse.
  • An instrumental version of "Honest Fun" from "Rock 'n' Robot" can be heard during the dance contest.
  • This was the first of two specials based on the Ruby-Spears cartoon series, showing up in syndication as a regular episode.
  • The last Bagdasarian in-credit logo.
  • Part of the A Chipmunk Valentine and The Valentines Collection DVDs.


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