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Help Wanted: Mommy is the first episode of the fourth season of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


The chipmunks are preparing their classroom for the Parents' Night party. Miss Mooney, their teacher, tells them their parents will love the party decorations. When Jeanette asks "What if someone doesn't have parents?" Miss Mooney, now suspicious, informs The Chipettes that at least one parent must attend. Brittany decides to dress up and play the part. Meanwhile Dave asks Miss Miller, the boy's neighbor, to take The Chipmunks to the party while he waits for an important call. At the party, the girls tell Miss Mooney that Brittany's home sick and couldn't make it. Miss Mooney is shocked that a sick child was left alone. As Brittany fumbles for an explanation, her disguise falls off. Caught, the girls come clean and admit that they don't have parents and live alone. Miss Mooney is sympathetic but sternly tells the girls she must report this to the Juvenile Authority. Knowing what this means, The Chipmunks plead for Dave to take them in and he tells them The Chipettes can move in tonight. The Chipmunks move into the attic while the girls take their room. Tensions between the groups rise, but when a social worker arrives, they pretend everything is perfect to avoid being split up.

Seeking a solution, Alvin sets out to convince Miss Miller to take them in. The Chipettes aren't thrilled with having a foster mother, let alone a crazy one. Once they move in, Miss Miller begins to the treat them like babies. The next day at school, the girls and Miss Miller simultaneously believe the arrangement won't work out. When Brittany is reminded about the school's upcoming talent show, Miss Miller teaches the girls a routine that she claims made her a star. The social worker arrives once more, but the girls convince her that Miss Miller is a worthy guardian. At the talent show, The Chipmunks win second and The Chipettes win first.




  • This is the first appearance of Miss Miller.
  • As the result of Miss Miller taking in The Chipettes, their last names become "Miller."
  • The Chipettes' Treehouse is now just a hangout place for The Chipettes, as they are now living with Miss Miller.
  • When The Chipettes were in the car with Miss Miller, Jeanette's glasses land on Eleanor.
  • This is the second episode where Jeanette and Simon argue (the first being The Chipettes).