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Happy Birthday is a talking greeting card featuring The Alvin Show generation of The Chipmunks and Dave Seville.


Alvin really breaks you up when he becomes a "Swinger" before the Chipmunks sing Happy Birthday to their little friend who gets this card.



Here's a little birthday treat
Especially for you -
The chipmunks hope you like it,
-Sure hope that you do, too!



In order to play the record, the card must be torn in half along the perforation of the spine, the center punch removed, and be flat. If the record clings to the spindle, the hole should be enlarged. The record should be played at 33 1/3 R.P.M. and is playable over 500 times. For maximum playability, the corners should be tapped to the turntable.


Hi there my little friend. This is David Seville, and I'll bet today is your birthday, isn't it?
Well, all of us, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and myself, want to wish you a real happy birthday.
A good, old-fashioned birthday. You know people have been celebrating birthdays a long, long time.
And it's always been a day when people want to say something nice, warm, old-fashioned to each other.
Simon, come here and say a few warm words to our little friend.

I would like to say on this festive occasion that in my many years of study and research I have come to the conclusion that a birthday should be a day of happiness and rejoicing.
In the immortal words spoken by Professor Crashcup in Vienna 1890-

Hold it Simon.
I said a few warm words to our friend, not a speech.
Uh, by the way, what did the Professor say?

He said, "Happy Birthday."

Okay Theodore, it's your turn.
Theodore, leave that cake alone, come here, and say a few words.
Oh goodness sake. Wait until you get that cake down and let Alvin take your turn.
Alvin, you say a few good, old-fashioned, heartwarming words to our little friend who is having a birthday.

Hi Swinger!
Have a cool B.D.
Don't be a wimpy.
Go way out, have a gas at your pad.
Don't be a hodad, be a tough surfer.
A cool cad.

Alvin, that's enough of that.
Now stand over there and think of something nice to say.
Theodore, now you come over and say something nice.
I told you to stay away from that cake!
Oh nevermind, let's just sing "Happy Birthday."

Okay big daddy, here we go!

The Chipmunks:
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear friend
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday!