Alvin and the Chipmunks: Hair-Raising Chipmunk Tales is an Alvin and the Chipmunks VHS released on April 14, 1994. [citation needed]


Alvin, Simon and Theodore star in a trio of spooky stories and funny tales that are sure to lift your spirits. And cool Chipmunk songs like "Babysitter Rock" will have you humming and dancing along too! On this happy Halloween volume:

Babysitter Fright Night. Dave has to be away overnight on business, but the gruesome governess he hires gives The Chipmunks the willies!

Theodore's Life as a Dog. During a full moon, something strange hounds the Seville household. Has Theodore turned into ... a weredog?!

Unfair Science. With Simon working on an android for a science fair, and Theodore on shoes that dance by themselves, what weird project will Alvin dream up?


¹ denotes new release to VHS, re-released to DVD
² denotes new release to VHS, not re-released to DVD

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