Grounded Chipmunk is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin tries to stain Theodore's teeth purple, but Dave falls victim to the prank when he is out of toothpaste and brushes with Theodore's toothpaste before a date. Dave punishes Alvin by making him write an essay about the importance of oral care, but Alvin wants to "borrow" one of Simon's old school reports in order to complete his essay. Before Simon can give a definite answer, Theodore realizes he was the intended victim of the purple teeth prank. After Alvin turns in "his" report, Dave lets him use the house to host a small party.

The next morning, the house is a mess, and Dave punishes Alvin by leaving to go to the Fantasyland Park without him. Alvin is scared of being alone, as well as having to do his chores, but thinks he can just chill out. When he "accidentally" turns on the TV he discovers a recording of Dave telling him to clean up. Simon also leaves a message on the stereo. Alvin discovers it is noon already, so he decides to make games out of his task to get the house clean.

Soon after he finishes, an extraterrestrial pleads for Alvin to harbor him from government agents. The FBI quickly follows, barging into the Seville residence and smashing everything in sight in their search for the alien. They try to bribe Alvin into selling out the alien by offering to clean up their mess and buying Alvin the neighbor's house, but he refuses. After the FBI leaves, the space alien says Alvin has done the right thing, but Alvin is downtrodden that it appears he goofed off, as he obviously cannot tell Dave what happened. The space alien says there is a way he can help, leaving in his spaceship, but using a ray on the Seville residence to undo the FBI's damage. Dave, Simon and Theodore return home shortly afterwards, with Dave impressed that Alvin served his punishment and got the house clean.




  • This episode reveals that Alvin hates to be alone and that he is older than Simon by only five minutes.
  • Dave's TV message to Alvin, which consists of him saying "Your mission, should you choose to accept it", and "This tape will self-destruct in five seconds" are references to the popular action/adventure series Mission: Impossible.
  • This was the third of six episodes to premiere in syndication.
  • Part of the Driving Dave Crazier DVD.


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