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Gremlionis is an episode of The Chipmunks Go to the Movies series.


Mama Marinara and her three sons Alvino, Simoni and Tio run one of the most renowned pizzerias in the heart of the New York City. One day, Alvino and Simoni are seen making garlic pizzas. When Alvino accidentally bumps into Simoni while taking the pizzas out, a fight ensues with Simoni throwing the pizzas at Alvino. Mama sends the two to deliver the pizzas on her huge list. As Alvino and Simoni go on their delivery run, they first deliver a pizza to none other than a character from another Saturday morning cartoon, Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After numerous deliveries, their last delivery to a Palm Reader, Mr. Cacciatore He doesn't have money so he shows them a Mogwai an ancient Italian pet. Alvino and Simoni accept his offer since they know their little brother Tio would love it. However the man gives them a stern warning not to feed the Mogwai garlic before they take off.

Back at the apartment, Alvino and Simoni check up on Tio, who has been run down with the sniffles. They show him the Mogawai to cheer him up. When Mama sees the Mogwai, she freaks out. She tells them that the Mogwai is a Gremiloni, which can grow, multiply and become nasty. To further exasperate things, she tells them that these little monsters destroyed her hometown in Italy. Seeing fuzzy green creature adorable as he is, they decide to keep the Mogwai anyway. When the Mogwai is hungry, Alvino and Simoni try to remember what the Mogawai is not supposed to eat. Alvino eventually remembers while Tio accidentally feeds him garlic pizza. True to Mama's warnings, the creature pops a small ball which turns into a Gremlioni with a blue scale who escapes through the window. Alvino eventually finds the Gremlioni making graffiti and brings him back. Meanwhile Simoni has found another one. It turns out that the blue scaled Gremlioni has eaten more garlic multiplying more Gremlionis. The little monsters are running havoc, angering or scaring the people, and trashing the city. The boys must do something to stop them.

The boys first go over to Mr. Cacciatore for some help about how to get rid of them. It turns out he is gone on vacation. Then they go to the library to find information about stopping them from multiplying. They find a book about Gremlionis and a cookbook. They learn in the cookbook that according to Mary Bell Sue's suggestions that in order to dilute the presence of garlic, a sprinkle of parsley does the job. Therefore if the boys throw parsley on the Gremlionis, they will stop multiplying. They know their Mama has the best parsley, so they go over to the pizzeria where they found everything stolen including Mama. Mogwai then smells garlic coming from the sewers. The boys follow him and they eventually found Mama being held captive and being forced to make tons of pizza by the Gremilonis.

In order to save Mama and the rest of the city, the boys gather all the parsley they can find. Alvino goes to every grocery store while Simoni finds a whole field of Parsley. Meanwhile Tio orders numerous plates of pasta with parsley. Once they get all the parsley in the state, Simoni creates a machine where they can sprinkle parsley all over the Gremlionis' hideout and save Mama. The boys discover that when the parsley lands on Gremlioni it turns into a mushroom. Parsley got some of the Gremlionis while some manage to escape. Mama is pleased to see them but isn't happy they disobeyed her. Alvino tells Mama to lock her doors until the Gremlioni problem is under control.

Later on, the boys are either walking down the street with parsley guns or flying on a blimp spraying parsley on the Gremlionis they can find in the city. After all the Gremlionis with the pink scales are all mushrooms, the last thing they need to do is to get rid of the ringleader, the Gremlioni with the blue scale. They chase him into an old parade float warehouse. Alvino says the jig is up and Simoni has a trick up his sleeve. He offers the blue scaled Gremlioni garlic, much to Alvino and Tio's fear. Once the blue scaled Gremlioni eats the garlic, he turns into a mushroom. It turns out that the garlic is made out of parsley which Simoni learned from making the combination pizzas.

Therefore, New York City is safe, the boys are heroes, and Mama is so proud of them. Alvino hopes to never see one again and Simoni explains that Mogwai is taken back by Mr. Cacciatore, at least that's what they thought. Meanwhile, Tio goes to a hidden drawer and there is Mogwai sitting there. It turns out that Tio secretly decides to keep Mogwai since he's so sweet, cuddly and adorable.



Behind the scenes[]

  • This episode was based on the 1984 monster movie Gremlins and also used some scenes from Ghostbusters.
  • The Green fuzzy creature Mogawai is based on Gizmo.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo makes a cameo appearance.


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