Gremlionis is an episode of The Chipmunks Go to the Movies series.


The Chipmunks encounter a small, fuzzy creature. They take it home to keep as a pet, only to be disapproved by their grandmother who owns an Italian restaurant, saying that back in her native country the creature was a "Gremlione," which can grow and multiply if improperly taken care of. Grandma orders the creature out, but the Chipmunks do not obey her. True to Grandma's warnings, the creature eats a pizza, which causes it to make a Gremlione. The Gremlione reproduces itself and soon the army of Gremliones terrorizes the city, including taking Grandma hostage. The Chipmunks learn that the Achilles' heel of the Gremliones is parsley, so they acquire as much parsley as possible and formulate it into an anti-Gremlione gun that turns all the Gremliones into mushrooms, thus freeing the city and rescuing Grandma. Although the Gremlione problem has abated, Theodore still secretly keeps the creature as a pet, confident he can care for it without having the Gremlione plague recur.



Behind the Scenes

  • This episode was based on the 1984 monster movie Gremlins and also used some scenes from Ghostbusters.


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