Gandpa and Grandma Seville is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks take a bus to meet their grandparents for the first time. They finally reach the house and are told to sleep in the barn. Meanwhile, plans are being made by an oil company to take the property. In the morning they have chicken feed for breakfast and go out with grandpa fishing for the first time. When they get back, they discover their grandma was tricked into signing a contract in which they must pay $400 by 5pm. The boys decide to raise the money needed to save the farm, which also leads to the discovery of oil on the farm.




  • The Chipmunks' grandparents lived at South Spoon Ranch (parody of Southfork Ranch, the setting of the nighttime soap opera Dallas).
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Dave's parents, who are also The Chipmunks' adoptive grandparents.
  • The Chipmunks later meet their true Grandpa in The Easter Chipmunk special.
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